• Spiced Ginger Cookies

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    Spiced Ginger Cookies

    Ginger is easily my favourite spice and so when I saw a recipe recently for ginger molasses cookies I had to give them a go. I’ve taken the original recipe from Reclaiming Provincial and had a bit of play. The biggest change I’ve made is to significantly increase the amount of ginger in the recipe to really give these cookies a great warming kick.

    Feast of Doughnuts

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    St John Doughnuts

    If you like your doughnuts then London hasn’t always served you very well. Yes we’ve got Krispy Kreme, and yes Dunkin Donuts are having their second crack at the British market, but neither are known for their quality and they’re both far too sweet for my taste. For a long time the best place in London has of course been St John bakery. How many people have made the trek to Maltby Street on a Saturday morning for one of their custard doughnuts. However recently they’ve not quite been the same. They’re still good (they’re still better than most) but since their Head Baker Justin Gellatly left last year the quality has dropped a little. They’re not as light as they once were and the amount of filling seems to have been pared back. (more…)

    Maltby Street Sandwiches

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    Monty's Deli

    Maltby Street market is now pretty established as one of London’s best food markets (if not the best full stop). It’s recently expanded from just trading on Saturdays to opening Sundays as well. The two days both have slightly different feels to them, with Saturday a nice mix of fresh produce and prepared food, whilst Sunday see’s a number of different traders with much less focus on the produce. (more…)

    Patisserie des Reves – pastry shop of dreams!

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    Patisserie des Reves arrived in London

    London got lucky last week when one of Paris’ best patisseries decided to open up shop in Marylebone. La Patisserie des Reves (aptly translated means Pastry shop of Dreams) is run by pastry chef Phillipe Conticini and hotelier Thiery Teyssier. Together they run a number of stores in Paris and Japan and now in London! (more…)

    Breakfast at 600ft

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    London at sunrise

    Things are (hopefully) going to change this year. I ended 2013 very stressed and tired, I’d barely stopped in the previous three months and was ready for a break. A combination of factors had meant I had also neglected the blog for much of the last six months.

    Trinity Kitchen

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    Trinity 001

    If proof were ever needed that street food is no longer just confined to London then the opening of Trinity Kitchen in Leeds last week was it. Technically Trinity Kitchen is the food court of a new shopping centre in Leeds City Centre, but in reality it has little in common with your average shopping centre offering which is very obvious when you see it has a permanent street food market.